Mobile app use in corporates

Are mobiles been used enough in the enterprise environment?

In a 2013/2014 survey Daniel Burrus, one of the world’s leading technology forecasters and business strategists, surveyed more than 700 companies and asked them two questions:

  • Had they developed mobile apps to use internally for assistance with many different tasks including purchasing, maintenance, or sales support
  • Whether they thought that at least half the businesses in their industries would have their own mobile apps to perform these functions within the next two years.


To the first question, only 4% replied that they had. The second question had a fascinating response with 100% agreeing with the statement. This is quite something considering the tiny proportion saying that they currently were using mobile apps internally.

The surface has barely been scratched.

With so few large corporates using mobile apps and the technology out there that is easily available, it is safe to safe that the surface of possibility has barely been scratched. By the time we are now writing this in 2016, what has changed? Two years after the questions were asked, are all large corporates using mobile apps for in-house uses? Business leaders know what the trends are suggesting, but unfortunately they are just not taking the information and using it in a productive manner. Tablets and smart phones are everywhere and their capabilities are skyrocketing at the same time that the cost of running these devices is dropping like a lead weight! Business leaders need to take all of this into accounting and start acting now.

Enterprises need to look to mobile specialists

One of the main issues surrounding this use of technology is companies just don’t know how to get going. The tendency to rely on in-house ability seldom produces the bang up-to-date technological advancements that are required. You need to assess whether your business has an IT department capable, and if not; now is the time to outsource to a mobile specialist. Outsourcing at this point can prove to be the perfect answer. Talented and knowledgeable freelancers or mobile specialist companies have the skills and interest to make your corporate mobile app a success.



How can apps enable the larger corporate enterprise?

  • Streamline workflows Using apps individuals and whole teams can log work together making projects infinitely more productive. Mobile apps can completely change how businesses function
  • Sharing work between devices If you business requires your employees to be on the go, mobile apps are a great way of keeping teams on track and the ability to share information in real time will make their work so much more efficient. Mobile apps will allow the sharing of documents and files, while limiting who can edit the files.
  • Information on hand In a rapidly changing world, the functionality of having all of the information you need right at your fingertips, the use of mobile apps in a corporation is a great resource. No longer will those in the field be constrained by this morning’s facts and figures. Any changes will be on their devices along with all of the information they need to make that deal.
  • Make your day even more productive The use of mobile apps within companies is not just limited to the high-tech. If your employees are required to be on the move, adding a simple navigation to the app for their use will reduce travel time and produce a report on their efficiency. The location intelligence that is available will help to streamline your travel costs and wage costs of time spent travelling.
  • Take meetings on the go With most towns and cities having access to high-quality 4G, the opportunities to catch up face to face with colleagues and to schedule meetings with clients, are limitless. No longer are you tied to your office for video conferencing. Simply by using a secure mobile app, your employees will be able to conduct business meetings wherever they are.



Where to go from here

While you may have employees in your IT department who are capable of researching and creating an app for use in-house, the way that your company is really going to make significant changes is by using highly specialised mobile specialists. They are the experts in the field and a truly customised mobile app is the way forward.


Technology is changing constantly. Businesses must keep on top of what resources are out there and investigate how they can put them to good use; make sure you are ready for the mobile business app revolution now! Hardware is becoming cheaper, easily portable, and increasingly capable. The software is out there to create outstanding mobile apps that will really assist your company to streamline and to become more efficient. Don’t ignore the rise of mobile apps!